Monday, September 1, 2014

Archaic Words and Phrases

Hello all!

Summer is so ending and I eagerly await cooler temperatures as days begin to grow shorter. I find I have more time to be at my laptop and it's been a while since I did some archaic words and phrases, so let's see what I have here. As in the past, I chose words that are archaic and originated before the 16th century. The English language is ever changing but as a writer, I am still interested in these old terms from long ago. I hope you can use some of these in your writing!

Askance - Origin Unknown - First Known Use: 1530
: in a way that shows a lack of trust or approval
:  with a side-glance :  obliquely
:  with disapproval or distrust :  scornfully <they eyed the stranger askance>

Troth - Middle English - First Known Use: 12th century
Loyal or pledged faithfulness :  fidelity <pledged my troth>
One's pledged word <I don't remember the details or, by my troth, even the gist — Stanley Elkin>; also :  betrothal

Dingle - Middle English, deep hollow - First Known Use: 13th century
A small wooded valley :  dell
A deep hollow, usually shaded with trees
Fraught - Middle English - First Known Use: 14th century
a :  laden
b :  well supplied or provided
Full of or accompanied by something specified —used with with <a situation fraught with danger>
Causing or characterized by emotional distress or tension :  uneasy <a fraught relationship>

Damsel - Middle English - First Known Use: 13th century
A girl or young woman who is not married
archaic :  a young unmarried woman of noble birth

Wist - alteration of wis - First Known Use: 1500
transitive verb
archaic : to know
"Wist you not that I be about my father's business?"

There is not overmuch to do here.  (too much)

She showed pluck in getting up on stage.   (courage & determination)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Yahoo Voices Ended their Service

As quoted from their email:  "As part of our ongoing effort to sharpen our focus, on July 31, 2014, will be shut down; on August 15, we will make the final Performance Payment before closes."

It's a shame to see that part of Yahoo's Contributor Network come to an end. I've been one of their writers for several years and maintained 23 articles there. Now I'm in need to find a new place to submit my articles that vary greatly in topic: poetry, book reviews, travel, pets, etiquette and writing. I just joined and I'm learning the ropes about how it works. Does anyone out there reading this know that online content service? Do you write there? Do you like it? Does that service pay well?

I also have my eyes on Hubpages, Bubblews, InfoBarrel and Constant Content. Any opinions or suggestions? I know this doesn't have much to do with Tiaera, but it does have a lot to do with writing. Please feel free to offer whatever advice you can offer about this topic. Thank you!

As I work to find a new place to submit my "non-Tiaera" stories and articles, I'm also removing my latest blog story "Add a Spark of Valor" because I plan to either make it into an ebook or add parts of it to my third book in the works. I hope you enjoyed it while it was up and will look forward to the new version of this story one day in the near future.

Lobita is growing into a fine dog and she is learning to give me time on the computer to write these days. She is now 7 months old and thriving despite the heat and the monsoons out here.

Keep cool and keep on writing!