Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Marketing and Future Plans

The books have been selling nicely as many friends and fellow writers have stepped up to buy a book. Such support has been very touching and exciting as I continue to promote wherever I can.  Most of my marketing supplies are homemade, but effective in getting the word out locally. I also found out that some online book sellers like are now selling Realmwalkers. I can't sign those, but they are fast and in a few cases even less expensive than I can sell here at my blog.

One day soon, I hope to get back to writing my short stories featuring some of the characters in the book which I will post here. There will be more maps here soon, as well as a glossary to help out with some of the archaic words used in the book. I also plan to draw some more illustrations to post here along with the stories. Stop by and subscribe here for future updates.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

More than a Novel

Book Cover Design
Realmwalkers is a 6" X 9" softcover book that weighs just under 2 lbs. It has 460 pages of text and graphics and is just over 1" thick.  It has 21 full page illustrations and 10 small images, artwork and graphics that took me hours to draw and enhance by computer. This is no pocket size novel and I chose this size so you wouldn't have to squint to read it. The cover is printed on 10pt stock, full color and laminated for durability. The interior paper is not the cheap, thin greyish newspaper used in many novels on the market.  It is library-quality with professional trade paperback binding and sturdy 60 lb. bright white paper.

Title Page
World Map and First Chapter