Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Realmwalkers" is now at Hastings Book Store!

It's been a busy August and September. Between selling books, I went on vacation for two weeks and then I went on a four day retreat to a guest ranch. But now I am back home again and ready to continue promoting and selling Realmwalkers. I hope you all have been enjoying a terrific summer!

Last Monday, I went to my local Hastings Book Store and made a deal there to sell Realmwalkers. So many people have asked me if the book was at Hastings that I made it a point to take several copies there and sign a contract. These copies are only available at the Lake Havasu City branch but later this month, I will be driving up to Bullhead City with more books to sell at the Hastings branch there. Kingman is a bit of a drive, but if sales go well in Bullhead City and in Lake Havasu, I may expand.

And more good news! On November 12th (from 10 - 2pm), I will be at the Lake Havasu City Hastings for my very first Book Signing! I am already working on making flyers and postcards to promote the event and I will be giving away free Realmwalkers bookmarkers and candy to everyone who comes to say hello. Another shipment of books is on its way so I have plenty on hand to sell and autograph to those who can make it. I know many of you won't be in the area, but keep me your thoughts and prayers for a successful event anyway. If you have any advice on how to prepare for a book signing, please leave me comments here. I would really appreciate it.

Response to the book has been limited so far, but positive! Marketing takes a lot of time and work but someone has to do it. Thank you all for your support and encouragment. I welcome any helpful feedback to improve my writing for any future stories whether they be in book form or online.