Sunday, October 2, 2011

As promised, here is a new illustration for the readers of my blog. This is Orbey, Audrey's pet gazer. He is just over a foot tall from bottom tentacles to the top ones. He does have two ears at either side of his big eye. If you look a little closer, you may notice they have a curvy rim that moves to enhance Orbey's hearing. His teeth are sharp and his appetite is rather similar to that of a goat. In other words, he is capable of eating almost anything that is chewable i.e. cloth, wood, paper, meat, veggies, breads, flowers, etc... This poses a problem for Audrey as he has been known to chew her precious cookbooks. He is very friendly but cries a lot whenever he is forced to spend time in his metal cage. He likes to either walk around on his two bottom tentacles, careful not to hurt his bottom eyes, or hover around magically like a weak balloon. If he eats too much, he is capable of floating up to great heights, even up into the clouds. Tavisan sometimes takes him out for exercise and fresh air, tying a leash to one of his tentacles to keep him from floating away and thus getting lost.

Leave a comment or ask me any questions you may have about this unusual creature. I will answer as I can without giving anything away as he is a character in "Realmwalkers."