Monday, October 31, 2011

"Realmwalkers" at the WNEA Shopping Extravaganza

I felt like a realmwalker as I arrived at the Lake Havasu City Convention Center last Saturday for the WNEA's Shopping Extravaganza. I was nervous, but enthusiastic. I only knew a few people there. I accompanied my writer friend, Sharon Poppen, author of "Abby, Finding More than Gold" and other great stories. We sat together the entire day, shaking hands with potential shoppers and signing our books. She was very kind enough to let me come along to share the table. The hall was crowded with eager shoppers and many stopped to look over my drawings and check out the various copies of Realmwalkers I had brought. I smiled a lot and answered their questions and before the event was over I had sold six books. It more than covered the price for the event space and I learned a lot about what to do next time. Some of that profit is going to go right back into buying more books and creating more promotional materials. It was a good event and a good experience overall.

If you are a writer and have any questions about doing a book signing and other promotional events, leave me a comment here. I will do my best to answer your questions. You may even have some tips on how to promote your self published book. Even those of you who have found publishers, like Sharon, may benefit as well. Sorry for the fuzziness of the photos. I guess my new phone camera is REALLY sensitive.