Monday, December 19, 2011

Wynterfest Tour

      "Greetings, my friends," yelled the lovely snow fae, flying eye-level and waving her long brass spyglass to the disembarking passengers who had arrived after a long voyage. The snow fae was dressed in a shimmering pale violet gown with translucent sleeves and skirt. Her white leggings and slippers also shimmered like the gown.  Her clear wings were split up into various sections like stained-glass, only without any color. The edges of her wings were frosted and the bottom parts looked like icicles as they moved back and forth to keep her elevated.
Several wooden sailing ships were arriving from various parts of the world, bringing passengers who would normally provoke violence were they not suddenly overcome with a powerful enchantment the moment they stepped on the gangplank to shore.  The snow fae waited at the docks, beckoning the travelers to join her when she noted a young minstrel carrying a mystical sword on his back. He stepped down the gangplank like the rest of the travelers, then looked up at her with a charismatic smile. Snoplay suddenly felt strange, and alarmed. Swiftly she drew closer and raise her hand to stop the young man.
"Pardon, sir, but no weapons are allowed...," she suddenly said aloud.
"Weapon? I carry no weapon. I am but a minstrel, Snoplay," the young man turned his back to reveal that he was carrying a beautiful gold lap harp.  
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