Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Marketing and Ebooks

Sorry I have been so quiet here lately. The holidays came and went and I was busy taking down decorations, storing them all for another year. January has been very cold and I find it hard to leave the comfort of  my home to go marketing, but I have been.  Excuses... excuses.. but I am BACK!!

Recently I arranged to have "Realmwalkers" available at a local store called Crystal Moon which is located at 1850 McCulloch Blvd N. After that I arranged for "Realmwalkers" to be at the Kingman Library. Some time this year, I hope to join a panel of several other local authors for an event called Kabam at Kingman.

I was also at the local Hastings promoting "Realmwalkers" and an anthology called "Offerings from the Oasis" where my artwork was selected for the front cover. Every year the Lake Havasu City Writers Group publishes an anthology and holds a book signing at Hastings. The sand castle sporting several books with a beach background was this year's cover graphic for our anthology. I also have a poem "My Typical Morning" in the book as one of the selections.

It was a fun event. Many members brought their own books to sell, including me. By the way, that large banner
you see in front of the table was also one of my designs. I have been designing almost all our marketing projects and enjoy doing it. We often use the banner for street fairs to promote our club. 

I just got off the phone and heard from one of the librarians in Kingman, which is about an hour's drive from Havasu, and she says the book is gaining some interest. It has been checked out three times since it was made available. Hopefully I will be seeing some of those readers later this month when I do my first book signing there at Hastings on the 23rd of this month from 11 - 3.

And lastly, I have been working away at creating my first "Realmwalkers" Kindle ebook. It's been really hard to do as I have literally had to learn how to do it. But thanks to some friends and the Internet and a very patient hubby, I am almost done with it. I hope to have it up and available for sale here at my blog and at Stay tuned for my announcement in the near future.

Until my next post, take care, keep warm and healthy and KEEP WRITING!