Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Realmwalkers Now Available for Kindles

Sorry for taking so long in posting anything here this month, but I have good news! After much research, hours of reformatting, testing and experimenting, I am pleased to announce that Realmwalkers is now available at Amazon.com as an ebook! I found out that the free conversion process only takes a few minutes. That was the easy part. Preparing the ebook file for conversion was far more difficult. Well, I learned a lot and glad the work is over.

The soft cover book sold here has been available there for months, but now it is also available for Kindle. To help make the ebook very affordable (only $3.99) it only has a couple of illustrations like the world map of Tiaera and the pirate ship, La Sirene Bleu and the front cover. And it doesn't come signed from Amazon. If you want the fully illustrated book you will need to purchase the printed version. You can find the book and ebook using this link: Realmwalkers at Amazon.com

I have also published and converted the ebook into EPUB format and I am now just looking for a safe way to sell it here online and avoid piracy as much as reasonably possible. I will let you all know when it's ready to buy.

Keep on writing and reading, friends!