Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Animal Planet's Mermaids

Last weekend I was lucky enough to see this enchanting and mesmerizing documentary tale about mermaids. The work was so well done I found myself actually believing it might be possible that such creatures do exist. Parts of the 2 hour special were obviously fiction where they depicted the mermaids swimming around but the parts where they show body parts, S. African raid footage, various "specialists" in the fields speaking about what they had found were so convincing, I started to wonder if this was truly real. The creator of this movie, Charlie Foley, added some very real facts from scientists and historians to blend in with the fictional scenes.

In TV Blog's Q & A interview with Charlie Foley:

Q: What do you want people to take away from watching this?

A: [I’d like them to] wonder about what else is out there. What is possible? If this were real how would it have come into being. Here’s one of our oldest myths, I hope, imagined in a way that hasn't been done before and as a member of our own family tree. And is that possible and is that done more compellingly and credibly because it’s drawing upon real-world phenomena, real science. First and foremost, I want to entertain people. And I do hope they wonder at it and have moments of wonder."

Well, it worked on me like no movie has done in a very long time. I really enjoyed this Animal Planet movie and hope to buy it one day for my video collection. Outstanding footage, computer graphics and animation and videos. Love it!

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Why am I posting something about mermaids on my Tiaera blog?  Simple. Tiaera has sirens in its world that appear like the mythical mermaids you see in other folklore stories. I am also currently working on a new story that may become an ebook or novella. It's mostly about Tiaeran sirens and pirates. This excellent movie was both inspiring and informative for my research. I will keep you posted about what will become of this new story. Currently its working title is Sirens of Swansong.

Till then, enjoy some of these videos I can share, courtesy of Animal Planet:

More videos: