Thursday, May 3, 2012

For those fellow writers and authors who have books to promote and sell, I offer this information regarding a site I have discovered.  As I am always looking for ways to publicize and promote for FREE, this may be a good place to look into and join. This is the Welcome Email I received.

Welcome to!

If used right, you will get more traffic, new readers and sales through your AuthorsDen site than all your other online efforts combined. AuthorsDen has been growing and listening to authors and readers since 1999.

Over 1.4 million readers visit each month.

AuthorsDen provides the latest and best information on authors of all types covering the full range of topics. This is the first place to look when searching for an expert in any field. Useful for authors and journalists and to provide an excellent way for the public to learn more about the people behind the books.

I have my Profile set up and will let you know if this place really does what it claims. In the meantime, it seems very busy and popular from what I have seen.  It has lot of tools for sharing your writings and promoting your eBooks, and books you or your publisher made available at popular online stores such as Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, Smashwords, etc...

I am discovering other online stores that sell Realmwalkers. This probably due to Createspace's distribution service:

Books a Million


Barnes & Nobles


But with Hastings, it has been very disappointing. Realmwalkers is not available in either printed nor ebook form and when I have tried to call their customer service all I get is a voice machine. I have left three messages but no one calls me back. I have even called their corporate office, but still no luck. I can only sell on consignment here at the local stores here in Lake Havasu and Kingman. If anybody knows what the magic word or key to getting your book available at Hastings, do reply to this post or at Facebook. I would really appreciate it. Take care.