Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Promotional Websites for Writers

I have started writing a little at Triond and at MyLot again. Both places are good for sharing short stories, poetry and articles. While there, I often peruse the various categories and I found a few that I think some of you writers out there may be interested in. I know that while I am in the process of trying to promote Realmwalkers on a shoe-string marketing budget, such articles and sites may help. Any website that offers FREE Promo ideas and services is only going to help you make others aware about your book. I know I am going to look into such places like Jacket Flap and Authors Den to promote Realmwalkers. See what you think.

Jacket Flap and Authors Den



Submitting Books to Reviewers and Bloggers

Six Tips for writing a Fantasy Novel

The Savvy Book Marketer

And if you are curious about some of my articles, poetry and stories at Triond...

If anyone knows of any other good places for promoting your book and stories, please leave a comment. In the meantime, keep on writing.