Thursday, May 10, 2012

Introducing: Tiaeran Bookmarkers!

Inspired by the Realmwalkers novel I co-wrote with my friend, Jack Shepherd, I got the idea to make something I saw at one of the fairs I participated in. I have never tried beadworking before but when I saw some samples made I decided it would be a perfect side item to sell at my next booksigning event. I call them Tiaeran Bookmarkers and when I choose the beads, I try to use shiny, multicolored, iridescent beads that make me think of magic and fantasy. Since the Realmwalkers story has a rather pirate theme because of the voyage that takes place, I bought some charms like the anchor you see in this photo. I only made eight so far as a marketing test for the upcoming KABAM event. If they sell, I may have to seriously consider making more. We will see how they do. I am also thinking of selling them at also as part of my Dragonling Treasures craft items. If you see anything here you are interested in buying for yourself, email me at for more info.