Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My First Video!

I have been meaning to do this ever since Realmwalkers was published but was worried about the cost of the service. Well, time has passed and so this morning, I have saved some book money to see about getting a video made. During my web search this morning, I discovered a service called I looked around the site and decided to try it.

After trying so many different programs in editing, graphics, ebooks and publishing, I dreaded the problems and frustration I was about to endure with this video creation service. But there was none of that at all! I LOVED IT!  It was easy to learn and I was making my video in no time. This took me a couple of hours to make, but it because I wanted to take the time to be creative and have fun with it. I highly recommend anyone to try Stupeflix if you're thinking about getting started with video creations. You can always upgrade and move on to more complicated programs later.

If you want to try them out, you get a free HD video when you register. Please use my referral link if you read my post and want to check them out:  Thanks!