Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How I create my graphics...

I have been busy working on a graphic and thought I would share with you what it looks like as I am making it. I have decided not to do any illustrations for submission with my next manuscript, working title "The Sirens of Swansong". As I have posted before, I intend to write only and avoid any cover art or illustrations. Nonetheless, I desire to do ONE graphic to decorate my three ring binder and to inspire me while I write. My notebook contains all my research notes, glossaries, maps and outline. And my binder needs a graphic sooooo....

Here is the image of Lyrica and Dalyn, my two main characters. After Googling "sirens" and "mermaids" I came up with what I think Lyrica will look like. She is Tiaeran siren and one of the guardians (angels) of the Mother Goddess. After several name change I decided Lyrica would be my final choice and this character will use her singing as a power to affect friends and enemies as needed. Dalyn is a carpenter turned pirate.

I started this graphic with a pencil sketch then inked it with an artist's fine point marker. After I have the main details drawn, I scan it and open it up in Adobe 10 Elements. I check all the details careful and clean any mistakes or spots I find. I make a black and white copy and a color copy and begin coloring using the many wonderful tools in Adobe Elements. After a couple of hours of relearning this program and using my new Wacom tablet I come up with this:

To save me a lot of time, I found a neat and free wallpaper background online. Remember this is only going to decorate a three ring binder and so any short cuts are acceptable for this piece. Depending on how long this takes to finish, will determine whether I will go through the trouble of also creating a background. As you can see, this graphic is still not finished. There lots of white areas that still need to be colored. Stay tuned for the next post when I finally complete this.

If you have any questions about my graphics, feel free to click on the COMMENTS link below or email me.