Monday, April 15, 2013

The Priestess and the Ravenknight updated

As some of you may know, I have updated The Priestess and the Ravenknight recently.  Those of you who have purchased this ebook, do not fret. I will be making this ebook available for FREE in the next week or two and I will post news about it's availability just as soon as I figure out how to do this at Amazon. It will only be free for a day or two so please keep checking back or email me at

The cover is the same and it's still going to be a Kindle version that you can buy at for only $2.99. If you don't own a Kindle ebook reader, don't forget that you can also get a free app that will enable you to read this free ebook on your PC, laptop, tablet, Android/iphone. One thing you will notice is that the novelette has grown from five chapters to seven. I also added one more graphic to the ebook.  If you own a Nook or some other reader that requires an EPUB file, I have it in that format. I am looking to see how I can send this file without going against my contract with Kindle. I can't see how Kindle would hold me to not selling the EPUB file if their app doesn't work on EPUB readers. Till I find out what to do about that, you can still get the ebook to read on your PC, laptop and smartphones.

Why did I re-do this ebook? Well, I did it mostly because something kept nagging me that it wasn't really finished. I asked some of my readers for feedback and most were happy with the way it ended, but once I changed the ending and added more text to the story they seemed happier with the changes. All I know is that I could not rest until I took the time to pull up the file and work on the story once again. I also decided to include two chapters of Realmwalkers for those who haven't bought the book yet. I saw this being done with some novels and thought this would be a good idea.

For those who wish to know, KABAM was not very active this year. Not many people attended and a few authors were missing. The weather was nice and I got a good table to set up my books. There was music, food, drinks and vendors at the park. I suspect the date might have had something to do with the event not being so crowded as in the past. I had a good time while I was there and gave out a lot of bookmarkers, answered questions and met some really nice people there. It also gave me a chance to promote The Priestess and the Ravenknight.

Now that the snowbirds are gone and the heat is here, I can now focus on writing my next novel and get ready for some swimming. SPLASH!