Monday, October 13, 2014

A graphic for my third book

I am working on a new graphic image that is coming out so nicely, I'm starting to think it
might be suitable for a book cover.  It's a magical pendant or amulet that should look both natural but metallic as well. It isn't the central subject of my next story which is entitled The Legend of Fayre Sea. It's a medieval fantasy adventure based on the World of Tiaera. It involves pirates, druids and mermaids. It also has Audrey's story (which I posted here on the blog) in it with a lot of changes so it's something different for all my readers. I would really appreciate any suggestions that might help me turn this into a really eye-catching book cover. I can add or draw more things in and around the shell.  I don't want to go into too much of the plot but I did draw this shell which can be used to decorate the title page in grey-scale or maybe even a book cover in full color.

And here is the color version:

I am also thinking of looking for a book cover designer for this book, if I can find one that isn't too expensive. I am going to try Any other suggestions?