Friday, October 3, 2014

Promoting with Bookmarkers

Looking for a new way to promote your books and even feel more welcome at craft fairs? Many of us authors use the traditional and very practical method of promoting our books with card bookmark (or bookmarkers) that have our book description, book cover, ISBN, and selling information. I have two sets I carry with me in my purse to give away to anyone interested in my books: Realmwalkers and Priestess and the Ravenknight. Here is a sheet of Realmwalkers bookmarkers I made and printed myself. Now I get them professionally done. This is just an example.

Well, over the summer it occurred to me to try something new. This fall and winter when the snowbirds are back to Lake Havasu, I am going to have these Tiaeran Beaded Bookmarkers and give them away to those who buy both books at my book signings. You may recall me writing about them two years ago. Here are a couple of the photos I used from that blog post. 

I've sold several at the listed price well enough, but few book readers are in the market to spend good money on bookmarkers when so many are free and plentiful. But I've learned over the summer that book buyers like getting both books if a free bookmarker (valued at $5 -7) is included. In fact, I have done so well with this promotion I am in need to get busy and make more beaded bookmarkers so that I have enough to cover my future sales. This is why I am sharing this marketing tip with you today.  This idea is nothing new. I have bought many craft items and art supplies on eBay and was delighted when I got something extra as a free gift. You see it on TV a lot also. Customers like free gifts and I like to make my Tiaeran beaded bookmarkers. It's a win - win for everyone.

This fall when you are setting up your events and ordering your books, think of a small inexpensive free gift to give away along with your business information. Attach your business card to the packet or card-style bookmarker also. Let me know what you decide to do and how well it's worked for you!  I'd really like to know. As always, leave me comments and suggestions. Good luck!