Friday, October 31, 2014

Recent Hastings Booksigning

It was a good event although I had to deal with customers who were there at Hastings to rent videos or buy music for the first two hours. It takes a tough skin to be a promoter or salesperson. I dressed nice and wore make-up, styled my hair and decorated my table. I got there early to prepare and greeted the store personnel close by. Hastings is a good store and the book manager there is wonderful. He firmly supports the local writers here in Lake Havasu and always has our flyers done and table ready for our events.

I greeted everyone that entered and shook their hands. Many stopped to greet me back while others just walked by like they were in a hurry. It's tough and it's scary for me at times to deal with rejection, but that's just how it is in this business when you aren't famous. It's hard to keep smiling and stay positive and hope the next people entering the store will take actual interest in your books. My perseverance did pay off for in the last hour as several people did stop and bought my books. I even got a photo with one of them. Thanks Emelia!

I even sold some books while I was tearing down my table and packing up my things. Ironic, but true. I love it when that happens. It was a good event after all and I will keep on selling as long as people keep on buying. I have another event coming up next week.