Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day & Novel Update

I'd like to take this moment to wish every father out there a Very Happy Fathers Day! I'm still lucky to have my dad around and I thank God for having blessed me with such a good man. Dad was and still is wonderful to me and I am grateful. May all you fathers out there enjoy this special day with your kids (of any age) talking and sharing time together. The world needs good fathers!

Now for an update on my current novel. The book covers I revealed on the last post got a lot of feedback. I took the JPGs with me and showed them to friends and family locally and it was pretty unanimous that the chest image suited the story I am writing. The ship cover came in second, but some people had trouble thinking of it as a pirate ship. I guess they wanted something darker in shades of red and black or something. The ship is beautiful, but the treasure chest was the favorite. I am licensed to use this for commercial purposes and will soon be creating bookmarkers, posts and brochures to promote my new book.

Thank you all again for helping me pick out this new cover! {{{HUGS}}}

If you are wondering when Legend of Fayre Sea will be available, I am hoping it will be out this fall.  I'm in the middle of chapter 20 (61,398 words/233 pages) and I have another chapter to do before this first draft is finally done and ready for proofing and editing.

Realmwalkers is 460 pages big, so this prequel is going to be over half the size in comparison.

As you may recall, Realmwalkers (which was co-authored with Jack Shepherd) was our very first book, and we had no future plans to write any more books until I got enough feedback and encouragement from my readers who bought Realmwalkers. My confidence in writing grew during the writing of Realmwalkers. After three years of study, writing and research I truly believed I could go solo for my next book. A story formed in my mind of two characters that "begged" (or should I say bugged) me to write The Priestess and the Ravenknight.

This is actually a novella (a short novel) which is doing very well so far. It's also illustrated and it comes with the first chapter of Realmwalkers to give the reader a glimpse of the epic novel. I have been promoting this novella as book one in the trilogy and now that I am almost done with my third book, the reading order will be as follows.

1. The Priestess and the Ravenknight
2. Legend of Fayre Sea
3. Realmwalkers

Can you read just Realmwalkers without needing to read the other two? YES! It's a complete story.
You can also read The Priestess and the Ravenknight without going any further. The same goes for Legend of Fayre Sea.

I tried very hard to write each of the books so you can read one or all three in order. Hey! If Star Wars and Star Trek can do prequels, why can't I?  Prequels are everywhere these days both on TV, theaters and in writing. It was also done in X Men and Wolverine!

I hope you will bear with me as I work to get this "second" book in the trilogy done and I will be substituting the Realmwalkers sample chapter in The Priestess and the Ravenknight with the first chapter of Legend of Fayre Sea.

If any of you would like to be a beta reader/book reviewer for Legend of Fayre Sea, please contact me by email:

I hope this isn't too confusing. Remember, I never planned to do three books.
It just happened.

Will there be a fourth?  Never say never. I learned that lesson well. =)  If there is, it will be set in my medieval fantasy kingdom on a parallel Earth (not Tiaera) called The Dark Forest Realm.

It's not in my future plans...yet.