Thursday, August 27, 2015

Current Book Drawing Project

For those of you who enjoy artwork, I have a couple of pictures to share. Don't ask me for any information about the character. I ain't tellin'!  It's not finished yet. The completed piece will be going into my next novel: Legend of Farye Sea. I hope to have that novel ready for selling by late September/early October.

I have been working on this drawing since yesterday. My eyes are tired, but I am pleased with the way it's coming along. Going the traditional route, I started out with a pencil sketch then began to ink it.

After inking, I colored it using Prismacolor pencils and Art Loft's Color Pencil Blender. With this blender, the color pencil blends to look like marker colors.

I see my scanner wasn't big enough to get the whole drawing (cutting off her fin "toes") So, I will need to do some Photoshop surgery and final touch-ups before the drawing goes into my book with the others. I hope to have about 8 - 10 illustrations with this novel. Sadly, publishing these graphics in color would be too expensive to sell. If they come in color, because of my work, your best chance to see the drawings are at my blog here or by getting the ebook version. Otherwise, they will all be in Black and white or greyscale in my trade-back published copies.

Happy writing and thanks for your support to my little world of Tiaera.