Monday, November 30, 2015

Brochure or Bookmarkers?

Happy Holidays! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family. It is chilly out here in Arizona, but I can't complain. I enjoy the cold weather so I can wear my winter clothes without sweltering from the heat. Whatever the weather, however, the business of promotion my newest book must go on.

I have been carrying bookmarkers for the past 5 years, but this holiday season is going to be different. I am also carrying brochures about my books. Have any of you tried using brochures? It would be interesting to find out if brochures are more effective than card bookmarkers. Have any of you tried brochures? Or do you rely only on bookmarkers to market your books? Since I don't have the support of a marketing service, it will be up to me to do some research and make use of the programs I already have for creating these materials.

If you are thinking of using brochures and would like to see what I put in mine, here are a couple of photos you can enlarge with just a click. I print and fold these and keep them clean and undamaged in a manila envelope inside my purse. I hope this inspires you if you are a doing your own marketing.

The outside of the brochure
 These are printed on both sides and folded into thirds. The bluish lines are part of the template and do not show when the file is printed.

The inside of the brochure
I did this brochure on MSPublisher 2010 using one of their brochure templates. This gave me a chance to place my three books in the recommended order for reading. I have a great printer that produces excellent brochures, so I am holding off on having them done by a commercial printer. You don't need MSPublisher to do this. Any desktop publisher program can enable you to make your own postcards, bookmarkers, rack cards and brochures.

What do you use, brochures, postcards or bookmarkers?  If you have any questions about my brochure, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Have a great week and keep on writing!