Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winter Events and Book Signings

As it may be with many of you who write and sell books, fall and winter are loaded with opportunities to plan and/or participate in book signing events.  The holiday season begins as early as October when Halloween brings out early shoppers looking for crafts and gifts for Christmas. Writers are putting the finishing touches to their new works as crafters prepare the items they plan to sell. The snowbirds trickle in with their RV's and campers while the temperatures slowly fall like the leaves on the trees.

Lake Havasu revs up with craft shows and fairs to entertain the locals and visitors during the chilly months ahead. A smart self-published author will check ahead to see what kind of events will be in and around the city. Unfortunately, I misjudged the amount of time I would require to finish the rewrites of "Legend of Fayre Sea" and the reformatting of "The Priestess and the Ravenknight". So I missed out on a few of the Christmas Fairs early in the season. At least I was able to take part in our first Renaissance Faire for 2.5 days. (See my previous post.)

Let my mistake be a lesson to you. If you plan to have your book edited and proof-read (which will require rewrites), remember that life still goes on and you'll need to start as early as possible before the holiday season.  Months early, in fact. If you're like me and have a husband, dog, family, house and other commitments, you'll need to plan way ahead to get your new book ready on time. And don't volunteer anywhere unless you are ready with your books in advance. BIG BIG Lesson for me! =)

Most writers cannot lock themselves away to work and put off housekeeping, errands, and family for long. It's not even healthy for a writer to sit so many hours at one's laptop or computer without taking breaks to stretch, eat and sleep. I gained 30 pounds in the three years it took to write "Realmwalkers". So last year, after adopting a dog from the animal shelter, I made a point to stop writing every 2 -4 hours and go for a brisk walk daily. Each walk was between 15 - 45 minutes long depending on the weather. If it was too hot to walk, then we went swimming. The result was that I kept myself from gaining weight this year and last. In fact, I lost about 20 pounds.

Moral of the story: Get a dog. They are wonderful for helping to keep you healthy.

Now that my books are done and I have obtained an ample supply to get me through the winter and spring, here are a few events I plan to be in.  Stop by and say hello!

Book Signing Event in the store on 
 Jan. 24th from 1 - 4.


Book Signing at Ann Chamberlin Books at the festival on
February 12 from 11 - 3. 

Look for the Lake Havasu City Writers Group tent. I'll be there both days.
 Feb. 20 - 21 from about 1 - 4.