Monday, March 7, 2016

Trilogy... or Series?

Now that Legend of Fayre Sea is done and doing well with regards to sales, I have speculated on what I should do in the future, aside from the usual book signings and promotions. Many web sites devoted to helping writers all basically say the same thing: Keep writing and start the next book!

A good friend of mine already has twelve books out. Another has eleven. I am amazed! I don't know where you get your ideas, but if you have a few minutes, write me a comment of the ways you get inspired. Comments are always welcome. Some writers told me they get them from movies, TV, and other books they have read. Those are great places to seek out inspiration. Artwork, articles and even trips to new and strange places can help too.

The book signings have been fun and many folks have been supportive. People have been buying all three books at once, which is really amazing for me. These books aren't cheap. Such support and encouragement from the public is really touching. I almost sold out last month at the AZ Renaissance Festival. It was thrilling!

AZ Renaissance Festival 2016

I have two more book events in April (KABAM in Laughlin, NV and Kingman, AZ) before I have to seriously consider what is next for my writing life.

Another novel hasn't come to mind. On the contrary, I'm enjoying this break from writing with great relief and enthusiasm. I feel like a kid out of school for summer vacation. I have time to do so many things now. The long hours I used to spend writing are over, and now I have time for my husband, dog and family. I'm happy and free to do more with my life now that those 6 - 12 hour days writing are over. Or are they?

Hmmm...Friends who are now enjoying my latest book are asking for more.

I shake my head that I am done. No more books. The trilogy is finished. Time to move on.

Some of at least a dozen notebooks I have for Tiaera.

Some smile. I don't think they believe me. And those that do look disappointed.

After much thought and several attempts to do some free-style writing I feel... uninspired lately. It's not writer's block, I don't think. It's different. And maybe some of you may understand what this is. If so, please write and tell me about it. You see, the love of writing is gone.

I have lost my muse.

What was my muse? It was Everquest 2, the game I have been playing for more than eleven years. Whenever I role played in game, my mind woke up with ideas of plots and scenes. I would write down my ideas and thoughts while they were still fresh. It was exciting to write everything down, embellishing simple dialogs and describing scenery until I had a group of stories that looked like a potential novel. But Everquest 2 is a very old game now and role playing is practically non-existent. I haven't done any serious role playing in over a year. All I do is kill virtual monsters and run around from one place to another to complete game quests. My beloved characters have become "tokens" not unlike those of a Monopoly game.

The inspiration derived from Everquest 2 is all but a fading memory and a series of notebooks tucked away in a closet. These notebooks contain logs and snippets of role playing. I suppose I can pull them out and flip through the pages once more, but without the desire... the inspiration... should I?

Some writers only put out one book, then move on. Others do a few more books then move on. While others put out dozens of books and keep writing more.

How does one know when they are done with writing? Should I throw these old notebooks away?

The only answer I have for now is "Never say never." I thought Realmwalkers was going to be my first and last book ever. Then I wrote two more.

So for now, time (and God) will tell what's next, and also when.