Thursday, June 2, 2016

World of Tiaera Update

It's June and the temps are climbing high. Thank goodness for the swamper and our swimming pool. This doesn't mean I won't be working on my next book which is going to be an adult coloring book. I received a lot of positive comments from everyone I have talked to and it seems to be the best thing to do while coloring books are filling stores and the Inet. Even those not into crafting and art are buying these books. They are fun and relaxing to color in after a busy day. I've bought several myself for fun and inspiration.

If the owners of "Outlander", "Harry Potter", and "Game of Thrones" can put out coloring books, why not me? Naturally, I chose the World of Tiaera as the title to for this latest project. Since my books are filled with illustrations related to my stories, it shouldn't take too much time to convert the drawings from color/greyscale to simple black and white drawings. Here are just a couple of drawings I am working on.

In some cases, I have had to redraw the illustration and this does take time. Nonetheless, it's a pleasure to watch as the new simplistic black and white illustration appears before me as I slowly and carefully retrace or redraw it. I can only image what kind of colors and techniques will be used to bring these drawing to life.

I am including most of the illustrations from all three books and I am even including a few new drawings never seen before. I don't want to spoil any surprises so I will refrain from posting any of those drawings for now.

In many cases, I have had to design backgrounds and elaborate borders to fill all the white background seen in my books. Remember Audrey from "Realmwalkers"? This is what she looked like in the book. No background except maybe a faint greyish aura. Hardly noticeable.

Into this 8 X 10" drawing:

As the temperatures go up in our lovely desert city, I will work away the afternoons to create this coloring book for publication this fall. Stay tuned here for updates on the progress of the Official World of Tiaera Coloring Book.