Monday, July 25, 2016

Authors beware! eBay is Fine with your UNauthorized pirated books.

I have discovered that my books are being sold on eBay.

It's bad enough to know that they are pirated and online for free, but what's even worse is that eBay is allowing unauthorized member sellers to sell my books as if they were new. I can understand that someone who has legitimately bought and read the book and no longer wants it would go to eBay to sell it, but that's not what I am writing about. I am writing about actual eBay stores such as Booktopia that is selling copies of Legend of Fayre Sea for almost $27 a copy. Such sellers are not authorized by me and I am getting no royalties from their sales.

I tried to report two sites selling my books as vendors and called eBay customer service. It was very upsetting to learn that unless I can prove they are "counterfeit" copies of my books, they will do NOTHING to keep the stores from selling my books. The burden of the proof is on me. I told them I didn't want them selling my books at all! Not without royalties. They need to go to authorized dealers like Barnes and Nobel or Amazon so that I get royalties for copies sold to these vendors for resale. eBay doesn't care how they got them or what they are doing with them.

So, this self-published author is currently stunned, out-of-luck and demoralized. Any thought of another novel is being shelved while I recover and decide what to do about my adult coloring book. I am not rich by any means from the countless hours I have spent writing and drawing here at my computer has been for .. well... not much since the pirates and hackers out there have made my books free or are selling them on their downloading service and getting paid for it without giving me a dime. I must accept that unless I can hire a lawyer (which is not possible) I will have to live and move on in life a victim of pirates that will continue to steal and make money on what I created. I won't be robbed once or twice or even a few times but continuously as long as people keep downloading from these so-called legit sites.

If you want to make sure the author of the World of Tiaera trilogy books is going to get her fair share in royalties or payment, the only three places you should buy:

1. Directly from me here at my blog. I use Paypal to accept your credit cards easily and securely.
3. Barnes and Noble

Any other site on the web that sells or gives away my books for free are not paying me royalties and are, therefore, doing it illegally! They are dealing with my stolen, uploaded intellectual property.

Here is a good article I found that explains much more. If you are a writer or author, read this so you know where eBay stands regarding your books.