Sunday, July 31, 2016

Naelos Coloring Puzzle Page

While working on the adult coloring book last week, I decided it might be fun to create a puzzle page that one could still color. I made some fairy houses and felt this page would be perfect for them. Naelos is one of the fictional countries I created for Tiaera. It's the land of fairies, faes, elves and dwarves. It's also inhabited by mythical creatures like unicorns, gryphons, merfolk, and more.
I tried using several online word search generators online to save myself some trouble, but every one had copyright restrictions, so I decided to try my hand at making my own puzzle.

Though this pages will be in my coloring book (due out some time in September) I would like to offer this to all my blog friends as a little gift.  Here is the PNG page for you to download, print and share as you like.  All I ask is that you do not change anything on it and let me know if there is a problem with it that I need to fix. I won't add the answer page here as Word Searches are pretty easy to do, but if you do have trouble finding all the words, contact me here or via email ( to request the answer page. To download this page: Right click on it and click on Save Link As and save on your computer. Print it out using any graphics program like Paint, MSPublisher or Photoshop.  

Here is a link for the PDF version.

Thank you all for being my blog friends and enjoy coloring and doing my Naelos puzzle! Stay cool!