Thursday, July 21, 2016

The New Look and Local News

I went to visit the blog of my friend, Auden Johnson, the other day and saw an interesting post about author blogs. Her blog is called Dark Treasury. If you like dark fantasy it would be a good place to discover some great books, tutorials and stories. But back to her post... Auden wrote about the need for authors to simplify their blogs in order to present a better, more organized appearance that would make a blog more user-friendly. I was so impressed by her suggestions and decided to give my World of Tiaera blog a makeover.  I found a very interesting background that wasn't too feminine and the navy blue and white was a good change from the previous dark red background. The Tiaeran Beaded Bookmarkers are now available at the cross bar menu with the books. The blog is now only two columns and the posts are in black letters and off-white background. I have to agree that it was a bit of a nightmare trying to ensure the white or gold lettering appeared okay when making posts. Thank you, Auden, for your tips. It would be nice to get some feedback from my visitors. Please take a moment to comment your thoughts and recommendations.

Summer is a good time for making blog/web site changes, along with writing new material before the snow birds return in the fall and the holiday season arrives. Friends and fellow writers are busy with their crafts and writing projects while the temps here soar over 110+ degrees. If one is not swimming in the lake or pool, it's a good time to write those chapters, reviews and stories.

There is some sad news about our local Hastings Books, Music and More store. The business has filed for bankruptcy and I had to go get all my books I was selling there. I have checked with the book manager, Peter, and he says he is hopeful their doors will not be closing. Some buyers are very interested and the store will be auctioned. Once things are settled and it looks like the store will remain open for business, I will bring my books back and plan for a fall/winter book signing. This is a great store and Peter is a wonderful man who supports many of the local authors. I hope things turn out well in the next few weeks.

I have been working on the official World of Tiaera coloring book and have completed 33 pages so far. Only four or five more drawings to go. The book will have excerpts from my trilogy so that people who buy the book to color in might learn a little about Tiaera and the characters. I am tempted to even add a page to color that will also be a word search puzzle of places and people on Tiaera. We shall see if it happens. I still plan for the book to be no more than $10 a copy and hope to have it ready by September.

That's about it for now, friends. Keep cool and drink lots to stay hydrated. Will be back soon with some more samples of the pages I have done. Don't forget to comment on the blog makeover! Cheers!