Tuesday, August 16, 2016

World... or Castle Building in Landmark

It's been some time since I have written anything about world-building in this blog. The fact is I have been doing it steadily for the past few years in a new game called Landmark. It went live last June and I'm enjoying it. Having been involved with Everquest 2 for years, my free time is now spent building walls, floors, roofs, etc... in a virtual world where you can build just about anything you can imagine. I didn't want to write about this game while it was still in beta since I didn't know if I was even going to like it.

Well, I like it. I like it a lot!

Landmark is a building game much like Minecraft only better. Someone there described it as "Minecraft on steroids." I have tried Minecraft and wasn't impressed. All those blocks everywhere tired my eyes. Take a look for comparison:

Minecraft Trees

Landmark trees

To be fair, those Landmark trees are pre-made by the game devs, but if I wanted to make my own trees, I could. And they could like these or better! It's up to you, the artist player.

Here's another comparison:

Minecraft Castle

Landmark Castle

Yes, that was player made. I got this shot from the game where it shows some of the very best player-made structures (not just castles). The land of Landmark is big enough for making enormous statues, ferris wheels, sky scrappers, towers, monuments, and animals. You name it!
Just $9.99, a good gaming laptop or PC, and Internet is what you need to download the game and start learning the tools, start working on your "newbie" practice claim or go exploring to choose one on your own. There are caves to explore and mine for materials you will need to craft and build.
As a writer, I have notes and drawings of what Tiaera is about. But now, I can do much more! Thanks to Landmark, I intend to use it to fuel my imagination by creating places and buildings associated with my medieval fantasy world. I can see this game inspiring me to keep writing stories and developing my world even more because I now have a virtual world, instead of just a blog or website, where I can create Tiaera as I have always dreamed it would be like. I am only limited by my imagination and lack of time to be in this game. But it's here and I wanted to share this with you. To learn more about this wonderful new building game, go to About Landmark
Check out more screenshots at the gallery. It will amaze you!