Thursday, September 8, 2016

The World of Tiaera Coloring Book

Today is a big day for me. I have just put the finishing touches to my latest project: The Official World of Tiaera Coloring Book. It should be available in less than two weeks. I plan to sell it locally, on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and here at my blog. In this post, I wish to offer you some tips on what I did, should you be thinking of creating a coloring book to sell.

Price: I have been looking at a number of coloring books online and at stores and the average selling price is around $10. Big publishers like Dover sell their coloring books for $5 or less depending on the coloring book. Other publishers sell theirs for over $12 because of the heavy paper, fancy thick book covers and elaborate designs. Size matters also. At Walmart, I found small coloring books (about 7X10") for about $8. My 76 page coloring book will be sold for $10.99 because it will be large and easy to color at 8.5X11.

Here are a couple of graphics of my book cover:

Book Cover: Designing a book cover can be tricky but I stuck to what I was used to using for my books. I used graphic objects I created inside my book so that the buyer can see how these objects can be colored. I studied various coloring book covers and saw that a lot of them used a lot of white and some partially colored images too. So I did the same, choosing the druid ring illustration to color with my Prismacolor pencils.

Blank Pages: Then I addressed the blank pages behind every illustration and decided to write or copy text from my books. The paper in my coloring book is going to be 55 lbs. (thicker than normal 22 lb paper). Though it is thicker, I decided to write using grey lettering and large font sizes on the blank pages. Where I didn't have anything to copy from my three books, I wrote a paragraph or two about the illustration to the right of the blank page. The text will be on the left to be read as the colorist colors on the right side.

Test Pages: Blank testing pages are a great idea to have in a coloring book. Most coloring books don't have them. I have two such pages for the colorist to use. Since colorists have a plethora of coloring tools/media at their disposal, it would be handy to test markers, inks, water colors, etc... before they use them on the illustrations. This will help prevent bleeding through pages.

Introduction Page and Book Pages:  For those who have not read my trilogy, I have added an Introduction page and book pages with the titles of the three books I wrote/co-wrote: The Priestess and the Ravenknight, Legend of Fayre Sea, and Realmwalkers. If you are an author and your coloring book is about your books, an introduction page would a nice way to promote your books to the colorist so that they would enjoy the illustrations even more.

Copyright Info: I added a copyright page like all my other books. Despite the rampant pirating of images out there, I still try to protect my drawings with my copyright notices and markings. I don't mind people who BUY my books to alter, embellish or change the drawings for their own personal enjoyment, BUT copying and posting my illustrations so that others can download them for FREE to color is forbidden. I spent many hours on these drawings and compiling this book, and I wish to earn any royalty I deserve. I am not rich and the royalties I get are small. So please, buy my coloring book and enjoy, but don't photocopy pages and give or post/share them away for free. Or worse yet, don't make your own copies of my book and sell them for profit. That's ILLEGAL! You are depriving me of my royalties every time you do. If you want to sell my books, contact me. I would love to work out a deal that would benefit us both. Thank you!

Kindle Version: It is for the above mentioned pirating I have decided NOT to convert my coloring book as a Kindle. It is far too easy for crooks to break the DRM lock and pass around my book for free, thus depriving me of my earnings. I can't stop them. I can't afford a lawyer to try to stop them. But I don't have to make it easy for them... For now, I will just sell the paperback version of my coloring book. This is something important you need to keep in mind too.

That's about it. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me here or by email. This is my first coloring book and would appreciate any feedback from you.

Keep writing!