Friday, October 21, 2016

Azuremist Manor Coloring Page

Here is one of the coloring book drawings: Azuremist Manor

The colorist was Pat of Lake Havasu who used Prismacolor color pencils. She did a great job with all the details there. I hope to get more samples of colored pages from others who have bought my World of Tiaera coloring book. I also plan to display some of my own images here so that my followers can get a better idea what my fantasy world looks like.

This is what the coloring book illustration looked like before her artistic handiwork. Good job, Pat!

Azuremist Manor is located several miles away from the city of Moonlyte, in the country of Athrylle. It is a grand estate protected by magic wards around the perimeter as well as guarded by packs of wolves in the nearby forest. Manor peasants and travelers are warned by posted signs throughout the land that belongs to the lord of the manor.