Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Armored Combat League Tournament

The Armored Combat League tournament at the end of March proved to be very entertaining and profitable. My new tent held up very well and the weather was much better for the tournament than the Ren Faire (last January). Rows of vendors, all dressed in period costumes and stalls full of merchandise, gathered on both sides of my tent.

Ren Faire-style vendors sold a variety of good and services.
New Ozark black frame canopy with white top.

Quite a few people showed up to see what this was all about.

Discovered there were lady knights too! And they were fierce!

The writer in me didn't fail to take advantage of how the contenders dressed. Since this is the type of writing I enjoy, I met with some of the participants to get a good look at their weapons and armor pieces. It was impressive. An announcer explained that their armor had to be historically correct or within a reasonable time frame to even participate. The sounds of their weapons hitting the metal armor made me wince at first. It was clear to see someone could get seriously hurt by getting a hard blow on a vulnerable gap in the armor. A few did get hurt, but not seriously. Lots of precautions and rules were in place to keep injuries to a minimum.

I highly recommend you attend such similar events if you are looking for information or even just inspiration for your stories. Seeing with your own eyes the colors, material, or props used for such period reenactments can be very educational for you as a writer. I took a lot of photos at this event so I could study the details later and apply them to future articles or stories. It really helps.

It was fun and I did well on sales. I hope we have this event again next year.

Enjoy the video!