Monday, June 12, 2017

Pirate Phrase Book

As some of you may know by now, the Starz pirate series "Black Sails" has come to an end. It was one of my favorite programs and I spent some time, while watching it, writing down some of their terms and phrases into a blank book that had an old world map for a cover. Phrase books are a great way to note and study certain phrases one might hear or read about that can help a writer bring a scene to life.

In many cases, the phrase or words might be general, but not readily convenient when a writer is busy writing. In other cases, it might be a matter of not having the proper training for a situation like the jargon one learns when they join a branch of the military. Or what about the kind of words you may learn in a foreign land? Though the Brits speak English, it's not the English I grew up with in the states.

Since I was never a pirate and never been on a pirate ship, a pirate phrase book helped me recall phrases I hear and read in movies, books and online glossaries. Once jotted down into my phrase book, it stayed on the desk to help me out whenever I got stuck and needed to find just the write word I needed. Consider something like this to help you in your writing. It doesn't have to been about pirates, of course. Make a phrase book that will go with your style and genre that suits you. It doesn't have to be a fancy book either.

Naturally, once I was done writing my trilogy, I thought about what to do with my pirate phrase book and decided to decorate it. Here are a few images of the way I changed the entire book that I hope and plan to use again one day in my future writings.