Sunday, September 10, 2017

World of Tiaera Coloring Book Review

I know it's been a while since my last post. Summer is a busy time for many. I have been busy with book signings, designing and creating more beaded bookmarkers, and researching/organizing materials for a possible fourth novel. And no summer would be complete without a trip to get away from the heat of Havasu. San Diego was a lot of fun!

The past several weeks also found me trying out my own coloring book. I really enjoyed illustrating the pages but now it was time to do some coloring. Here is just the first one, the main title page. I have done better with paint, but I wanted to learn how to use color pencils. It was done mostly with Prismacolor pencils and gel pens.

Before                                               After
During my coloring sessions at home, I watched Youtube channels and discovered Dede Willingham. She does a live stream show called "Coffee and Art in the Morning" about three times a week. She is very talented and active as a video channel host and artist. Bubbly and charismatic, she demonstrates art techniques for coloring, painting, and creating multi-media projects in a relaxed and casual way. I enjoy her channel and got up the courage to send her a copy of my coloring book to review. This is very new and kind of scary for me, but she seems very nice and I am confident she will be kind with any criticism she may make. If you would like to see the live stream, it takes place around 9AM eastern. That makes it 6AM Arizona time, way too early for me, but tomorrow I will make a earnest effort to register for Coffee and Art in the Morning with Dede on

I'll be back soon with more stories and info about the fall events I will be participating in for my books and crafts. I can't wait for fall to come at last!

Keep writing and live creatively!

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