Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Marketing and Future Plans

The books have been selling nicely as many friends and fellow writers have stepped up to buy a book. Such support has been very touching and exciting as I continue to promote wherever I can.  Most of my marketing supplies are homemade, but effective in getting the word out locally. I also found out that some online book sellers like are now selling Realmwalkers. I can't sign those, but they are fast and in a few cases even less expensive than I can sell here at my blog.

One day soon, I hope to get back to writing my short stories featuring some of the characters in the book which I will post here. There will be more maps here soon, as well as a glossary to help out with some of the archaic words used in the book. I also plan to draw some more illustrations to post here along with the stories. Stop by and subscribe here for future updates.