Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Five Author Panel Discussion

It's hard to believe its been eight months since Realmwalkers has been published. Time has flown and the response has been good. Friends have been wonderful and supportive. Things are moving along slowly, but I am almost at a point when I may be ready to get back to writing again. Yes, I have done a few short stories here and there but not another novel as yet. People keep asking if there is going to be another book. It's still hard to say when I am so heavily involved with promoting and selling this one. I am hoping that once I get the ebook versions set up so I can sell them on my blog as an independent seller (aside from who now sells a Kindle version), I will be able to write more. So stay tuned here and in Facebook for further news.

Speaking of Facebook, I see they are now using a new format for all users. It's called Timeline and it chronicles your posts and now allows you to put up a masthead at the top of your page. The new feature I like is the ability to customize your page URL. Realmwalkers at Facebook can now be found at
You can see the new graphic masthead there once you log in. I don't spend a lot of time at Facebook, but let's face it, the social network site is free and a good way to promo your business or product. I hope you go and comment about the new graphic or just say hello.

Yesterday I took part in a phone interview with four other authors, two Kingman City Library representatives and a reporter from the Kingman Daily Miner newspaper. This interview is for an article that will promote a special event at the Kingman Library: A Five Author Panel Discussion. I will be driving up there for the event with a copy of Realmwalkers to raffle off to a member of the audience. And I will be taking extra copies should anyone there want to purchase one. It should be quite an experience, discussing our books and writing with the other authors and answering questions from the audience. I hope I don't get stage fright and freeze up.

The event is planned for March 21st from 6PM - 7:30PM AZ time. I hope to get some photos to share with you all.