Friday, August 30, 2013

The Sacred Tree

Since my friend Pauline honored me with a costume like those worn by the Sisters of the Sacred Tree, I was inspired to design a symbol that represents that order. It would be worn on their robes, cloaks and gowns so that they were readily identified by that crest. This is a common druid symbol and I saw many incredibly beautiful renditions of the "Tree of Life" done in celtic knotwork. There are no celts in Tiaera. My love for that type of art compelled me to turn a blind eye to that fact. It's art and it's historical and if I can "borrow" things like castles, elves and humans from our own earth, I can borrow the celtic knotwork designs. Maybe I will call this type of artwork "Tiaeran Knotwork" or "Druidic Knotwork" or "Ancient Knotwork" if pressed to give it a name for a story.

This is my first time doing any kind of celtic knotwork design. I referred to a book and the Internet and spent hours trying to create something that was uniquely mine. I thought using graph paper would help and to some extent it did, but not always. I had to draw and redraw all the shapes until they looked the same width all around. Then I scanned the black and white pencil drawing then with my stylus/tablet I carefully drew and cleaned the sketch. I also ended up cutting the tree top from the trunk and worked on those parts separately. This is the sketch I started out with.