Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas to all! Time for a special offer.

Now just $18.95 if you buy it right here. I will be happy to sign to you or anyone, and mail it to you myself.

My illustrated novella is now just $8.95. It contains the first two chapters of Realmwalkers, in case you want to get a preview. Of course, I will sign this to anyone you like and mail it myself.

Just select which book you want up above where you will find a scroll that says "Order yer books here." Free Shipping is only good for up to TWO BOOKS ONLY.  Supplies are limited so get your order in now! I have removed any shipping/handling charges at Paypal. You do NOT need to be a member with Paypal. They simply handle credit card transactions for me.  It's safe and easy to use. Email me if you wish to pay by check:

Though there is no Christmas in the fantasy world of Tiaera, there is still a great chapter all about Wynterfest in Realmwalkers. The realm is occupied by snow elves who do their best to make it a happy and safe place for all who visit there. It'll get you in the Christmas mood!

Merry Christmas to all my loyal readers and friends who have supported me since before I became a published author. God bless you and keep you safe especially if you're traveling this holiday season.