Friday, June 30, 2017

The Menagerie - Short Story

Lord Maethyn and Lady Solita stood atop of the highest tower of their home, Castle Feralson. The radiant sun was setting on the horizon as they watched, holding each other in silent contemplation when Lord Maethyn pointed to a distant clearing a few miles away. “Behold that parcel of land, my dear. I plan to build the finest menagerie ever seen. It shall be extraordinary. Animals, both natural and mythical, shall abide thither for all to see.” 
Mathyn leaned closer to his lady wife. He sighed deeply then smiled. Even the twilight breeze was no match for her fragrance.
“I know of the wolves, bears, owls both hither and thither, but prithee tell me of these mythical beasts, beloved.” Solita grinned at her husband, her hand gently pulled aside a loose lock of hair from his imposing face. “Where have you found such that can be captured for thy menagerie?”
Maethyn mused, “Leave that to me. Have you ever seen a lion, or mayhap, a tiger?”
Solita pondered. “Nay, but I did hear of such beasts. Those are not mythical.”
“Verily, they would astound our visitors nonetheless. Such a venture shall take time and coin. We can start small at first, a few animals and birds, and build as we see fit. As for the mythical beasts, methinks a unicorn and gryphon shall do nicely. Think you can use the portal to go to Tiaera and bring us back a few specimens? Caged, of course.”
Solita pulled herself away in disbelief. “Have you gone mad, Maethyn?!”
He laughed and feigned disappointment, “Nay?”
“Nay!” she insisted.
Maethyn burst into a hearty laugh that made Solita realise he wasn't serious about Tiaera. Scoundrel! You are toying with me! And I am foolish to stand hither and listen to you!
She tried her best to look angry, but it was no use. Maethyn pulled her back into his arms and kissed her passionately. Her small hands swatted at his back several times, but he wouldn't let go. Submitting to the power of his love, Solita returned his kisses with the same passion that won his heart long ago.
When their lips parted once again, Solita spoke of her concern in earnest. I pray you understand, Husband. I dare not venture through that portal for such a task, lest I..
Maethyn shook his head, dismissing her worry. Nay. Fret not, beloved. I would lose you never again. He took his wife's hand and gently led the way down the stairwell. With a big grin and a wink he added, “Ah well, twas worth it just to ask.”

~Short Story by EV Medina